Pictures of SEEK Camp organized by CKF and Care and Share  registration, questionnaire being filled up.

Justine, a renal transplant patient with the painting he had drawn. This was auctioned in CKF meeting for INRS 10000.

CKF and Care and Share celebrating World Kidney Day - Feb 8th. Ms. Madhu Blessy, Director of operations CKF addressing the meeting.

Mr. S. Reghu, a kidney transplant recipient who has completed 21 yrs with normal renal function continues to inspire all CKD patients.



Successful kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice. Transplantation of kidney between parents and children, between brothers and sisters and between spouses are allowed by Indian organ act. Distant relative and altruistic donors can be considered after obtaining permission form the authorisation committee. Kidneys from brain dead patient are another source. (Cadaver Tx)

Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy is the preferred surgery for donation of the kidney.

  1. Reduction in post operative morbidity

  2. Hospital stay is reduced to five days

  3. Reduction of usual Nephrectomy scar size from 11-12 inches to 3.5 inches (mid-line)

  4. No blood transfusion

  5. No resection of twelfth rib

  6. Comparable cost





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