Pictures of SEEK Camp organized by CKF and Care and Share – registration, questionnaire being filled up.

Justine, a renal transplant patient with the painting he had drawn. This was auctioned in CKF meeting for INRS 10000.

CKF and Care and Share celebrating World Kidney Day - Feb 8th. Ms. Madhu Blessy, Director of operations CKF addressing the meeting.

Mr. S. Reghu, a kidney transplant recipient who has completed 21 yrs with normal renal function continues to inspire all CKD patients.


Cochin Kidney Foundation prefers to work on matching grant and activities in fifty fifty ratio with affiliated organizations and sponsors. Financial help is given to patients with matching grant from CKF or at the discretion of CKF.

To qualify for financial help from CKF.

Patient has to bring in a donation for them from charitable institution/ organization in favour of CKF, request, recommendation by treating doctor to avail an additional matching grant from CKF. The matching grant is given only as account payee cheque to the hospitals or medical distributors empanelled with the CKF

Example of the most common scenario:
In (A).
1. Kidney patient Krishnan requires continuous dialysis or medication. Krishnan is in severe financial struggle to meet the expenses
2. Krishnan approaches CKF seeking financial help. He submits necessary documents to prove that he is a deserving.
3. CKF verifies the information and approves Krishna’s application.
4. Krishnan brings a donation of Rs. 1000 to CKF with the letter from that charitable institution

CKF matches that amount and gives back a cheque addressed to the hospital/clinic for Rs 2000 back to Krishnan ( subject to availability of funds). Krishnan takes the cheque to the hospital/clinic where he does his treatment.

  Deserving patients also can avail on recommendation by treating doctor after personal interview by CKF ( subject to the availability of funds ).

In (B)

1. Krishnan approaches CKF seeking financial help. He submits necessary documentsto prove that he is from a financially struggling family.
2. CKF verifies the information, interviews and help is given.
3. Financial help is given at the discretion, by CKF / affiliated organization.
Look at the Patient’s FAQ section for a list of common questions.
Funds are utilized for
A Screening for early detection, prevention of progression of CKD

Screening of asymptomatic people for early detection of kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes. For maximum of 100/camp, cost involved Rs. 500/ person which includes the organization of camp, defraying the cost of phlebotomists, heath personnel for conducting the camp, secretarial help for data entry and laboratory tests approximately worth Rs. 400/person. Value based medical service offered per camp @ Rs. 50,000/- (for 100 persons).


Patients detected to have CKD on screening in the camp will be @ 20%. They have to be seen in detail in the consultation chamber (free) with prior appointment, detailed evaluation including ultra sound scan, X-ray, ECG, Hepatitis screening and further laboratory tests @ 2000/- per person.. Value based medical evaluation for 20 patients in each camp is equal to Rs. 40,000/- .


Treatment costs - @ 5 persons may need in - patient admission and evaluation for medical treatments, stone treatments ,treatment of various kidney and prostate disease, kidney biopsies, dialysis, kidney transplantation. Minimum cost for the medical / surgical treatment of the hospitalized patient to be defrayed by the CKF( subject to the availability of funds.).

B. Dialysis, (good quality) cost of dialysis including accessories Rs. 1000/- per sitting.
  Weekly dialysis Rs. 3000/
  Monthly dialysis Rs. 12000/-
C. Transplantation costs 2.25 lakhs. Post transplant medications including immuno suppressive to prevent rejection of Kidneys Rs. 15, 000/-per month.
D. Research depends upon the nature and the extend of the project –Grant is to be decided by the CKF board.
E. Organizing conferences and workshops in association with pharmaceuticals and others . Surplus funds after meeting all the tax liabilities will be credited to the CKF.
  By recommending Kidney patients and dependents for appropriate employment to the well wishers of CKF.
  Helping them by providing/funds/machines / workshops to rehabilitate them in their own respective field depends upon the level of skill they have.
  i For the all above ‘financial help to be given’ depends on the availability of funds.
  ii In case of dispute the decision of the CKF will be final.
Patient’s FAQ
1. What all documents do I need to submit to get CKF support?
  Application form duly filled up.
  Recommendation by empanelled treating Doctor.
  Plus either (i) or (ii)

Donation for you from charitable institutions/ organization by an A/C cheque in favour of “CKF”along with a letter from that Institution/ Organisation’s Letter head with seal.

ii Your personal request explaining your need / purpose of treatment .
2. Why do I need to bring a donation from charitable organization / institution ‘in favour of CKF’ first to get the matching amount?

We tried different methods to avoid fraudulent activities and this is the best model that really worked. Some of the fraudulent activities were (a)bringing fake medical bills that you can get from many medical stores (b)showing us cheque from someone as if it was a donation from that person and then requesting CKF to match it (c)cheques with insufficient fund accounts which bounced.

3. Can I get help from CKF if I don’t have a cheque / from a charitable organization / institution.?

Yes , you still can get support from CKF by expressing your financial difficulties, the purpose and at the discretion of CKF, help will be given from CKF / affiliated organizations.

4. Can I go to any doctor or hospital but still get CKF support?

No. Your doctor or hospital must be empanelled/enlisted with CKF to qualify for the support. To get empanelled Doctor should write to Director Operations - CKF and get approved by the CKF Board. See the list of empanelled Doctor/Hospital/Medical outlets.

5. Why should the doctor/hospital empanel with CKF?

CKF issues cheques to the doctor/hospital which is not a normal mode of payment that doctors/hospitals accept in Kerala. It is to ensure that they can trust CKF cheques and the cheques will be honoured and will not be bounced. Also this builds a mutual trust between CKF and patient’s doctor/hospital.

6. How can CKF double the money that I bring in? Is there any fraud involved?

No. There is absolutely no fraud involved. CKF works with other charitable organizations like Melam Charities, Pavos Foundation Cochin, YWCA Cochin, Association of Renal Recipient Association, Care & Share USA, etc to find the matching funds for you. If you receive the matching donation cheque it will also include the organization that made the matching possible or it may be from the affiliated organization itself.

7. Is there any limit on the support that I can get from CKF?

Yes, there is a Rs 2500 per month (i.e CKF will match upto Rs 2500) on every patient unless the donor agrees to support more. For example if you can find a donor who is ready to take all (or a higher support limit) your medical expenses he can specify that while he donates. Donor can directly contribute to CKF or to any of CKF’s partners like Care & Share. Higher support can also be given on individualized basis from the CKF depends on the purpose ( as special cases).


Once I bring the donation from from a charitable organization / institutions to CKF how many days will it take for me to get the matching donation? i.e I donate Rs 1000 on 1/1/07 to CKF, when will I receive the cheque for Rs 2000 from CKF?


CKF meets patients on second Thursday of every month at the administrative office of Director Operation, Treasurer and Secretary wil be available to help you.

10. I heard negative stories about CKF. How can I trust you?

You may have to keep it in mind that we already identified lots of fraud applicants and we turned them down. You probably heard from someone like him/her. If you are a deserving patient you will get our support. We will not make you walk back and forth many times to receive our support, we guarantee that. Our process is very simple.

Donor’s FAQ
1. What are the other charitable organizations that CKF partner with?

Melam Charities International, Care and Share, U.S.A., Pavos Foundation,
YWCA, Cochin, Association of Renal Recipient Association.

2. I live in India. Is my contribution to CKF tax deductible?

No. Not yet. We are working on getting 80G approval. Once we get this then 50% of your contributions will be tax deductible. We will update our website as soon as we get this approval

3 I live outside India. Can I contribute to CKF in foreign currency?

No. We don’t have FCRA approval to receive foreign currency. Those who are USA can contribute thru Care & Share ( Care & Share has a Kerala Chapter thru which they can support your CKF patients. Your contribution to Care & Share is tax deductible too. Others will have to transfer thru their domestic account.

4. What are the different ways that I can support CKF?
A. You can support in 3 ways (a) donate to CKF general fund (b) you can identify a patients and you want to extent support only for this patient. (c) donate specific to the cause like CKD Screening, dialysis, transplantation medicine, rehabilitation, etc
5. Can I make my donation specific to a cast?

No. We do not identify or want to encourage cast based or religion based support. There is couple of exceptions to this rule. (a)You can designate your funds to scheduled castes or scheduled tribes (b)You can designate your funds to women & children (15 years or younger)

6. Are your financial practices annually audited?

Yes. Our financial statement is audited by a registered Chartered Accountant. The statement with the fund distribution for different activities can be found at *

7. How will I know my contributions really reached the deserving hands?

CKF provides details of patients (with their contact address) who were benefited thru your contributions. If your funds came thru one of our partners then you need to approach them. Since the funds came to CKF thru the partner we may be releasing the patient information only to them.

* Revenue and expense trending (in Indian Rupees).
FINANCIAL YEAR 2008-09 2007-08 2006-07
Accumulated Surplus from previous year B/F 399,258.70 334,844.82 -
Revenue 1,031,807.70 1,397,030.90 1,240,417.50
Total 1,431,066.40 1,731875.72 1,240,417.50
  Expenditure - -  
1. Awareness
1, 66,175.00 301,128.00 250,742.00
2. Prevention of Progress
3. Dialysis
466,289.33 663,760.00 445,794.00
4. Transplantation
40,000.00 154,459.00 -
43,562.00 - -
6. Research
- - -
7. Others
71,668.2 172,105.32 97,040.00
8 . Professional Charges
39,000.00 33,000.00 -
9. Administrative Expenses
9,026.37 8,164.70 87,177.68
Total 835,720.90 1,332,617.02 905,572.68
Surplus/(Deficit) 196,086.80 64,413.88 334,844.82
Accumulated Surplus C/F to subsequent years        595,345.50        399,258.70        334,844.82
Transferred from Capital Fund - - -
Administrative expenses in % 0.87 0.58 7.03

Dr.Georgy.K.Nainan & his team with the patient

Mr. Shamsudeen and his family, A transplant recepient who became a father after transplantation


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